Will Smith

Will Smith Joins Instagram, Gives Justin Timberlake Super Bowl Advice

By Hayden Wright Will Smith joined Instagram last week and his friends queued up to welcome the Fresh Prince to the platform. Justin Timberlake shared a photo of himself with Will, apparently deep in conversation at an event years ago. In the caption, JT broke down the definition of “Throwback...
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LOOK: Beyonce Ordered Food From a Menu and Twitter Exploded

Beyoncé just set the internet on fire for doing something that you have probably already done a couple of times this year. Queen Bey posted a series of photos to Instagram last night from a dinner that she was attending. One of the photos used in that set seemed to show Beyoncé ordering from a menu...
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LOOK: Rihanna Has Been Photoshopping Images of the Queen's Face Onto Her Body

Rihanna’s been known to ruffle a few feathers in recent years, and she seems to be at it once again. On Sunday she posted memes of Queen Elizabeth’s head superimposed onto her body (when Rihanna was wearing iconic outfits). The Queen celebrated her 91st birthday on Friday (April 21). Let’s just say...
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