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Bottles of Heinz Kranch

Move Over Mayochup, It's Time for Kranch

Heinz is in full can’t stop won’t stop mode. Last year it was mayochup (that would be mayonnaise and ketchup mixed up in a squeeze bottle). Last month it was mayocue and mayomust (of course, mayo and barbecue sauce and mayo and mustard). And now they are keeping it viral with their newest product:...
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1040 Tax forms

Deals and Discounts To Help Get You Through Tax Day

Monday April 15, better known as Tax day, is causing more consternation than usual this year. According to a survey from Nerdwallet almost eight million people who received refunds last year owe money to the IRS this year, primarily because of changes in tax laws. Despite that fact though, the IRS...
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Dunkin' and Harpoon's coffee ale

You Can Get Your Dunkin’ Iced Coffee in a Beer Now

Here's where you can find the hoppy ale this summer.
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A Whole Foods Market

Whole Foods Is About to Get Cheaper Again

Whatever you may think of Amazon’s hulking presence everywhere from music to movies to shopping, one thing the Jeff Bezos megabrand has done is provide lower prices for consumers on almost everything. Nowhere has that been more apparent than at Whole Foods, where, following Amazon’s purchase of the...
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Brunchables with bacon and cheese

What's Better Than Lunchables? Brunchables

If you were ever a child who ate lunch, you probably experienced the pre-packaged delight that is Lunchables. The little cracker sandwiches and pizza-similar snacks have been a staple of elementary school cafeterias for what seems like forever. They are also, as it turns out, dabbling in the brunch...
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Burger King promotes new 'meatless' Whopper only being sold in St. Louis

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) - The home of the Whopper is getting a new look as Burger King is testing a new verion of its iconic burger only in the St. Louis area. It's a Whopper with no meat, called the "Impossible Burger." Burger King has been known to pull an April Fools prank or two in recent memory, like...
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April Showers Bring PEEPS-Flavored Coffee, Donuts To Dunkin'

CHICAGO (WBBM NEWSRADIO) -- Spring is here, and with that comes spring flavors hopping into Dunkin' Donuts. Dunkin' Donuts has chosen to turn to one of Easter's most iconic-treats to celebrate spring this year. Beginning April 1, Dunkin' Donuts will feature PEEPS in it's menu items including PEEPS...
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The outside of Under, Europe's first underwater restaurant

Go Deep Sea Dining in this Incredible Underwater Restaurant

Adventurous entrepreneurs have put restaurants in all sorts of places— Abandoned factories , inside a cave , 160 feet up hanging from a crane —but few locations look as breathtakingly as Norway’s Under. It’s Europe’s first underwater restaurant with a dining room more than 18 feet under water. The...
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Dunkin' Donuts Saucony running shoes

Fresh Kicks: How to Get Dunkin' Donuts' Boston Marathon Shoes

Dunkin’ Donuts likes to claim that America runs on Dunkin’ and they mean it in more than a metaphorical way. The New England donut and coffee giant partnered up with Saucony to make a new batch of shoes ahead of the Boston Marathon. A company best known for crème-filled and glazed pieces of fried...
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Questlove Is Bringing a Vegan Cheesesteak to Philadelphia

Questlove is the definition of a multi-threat. He’s the drummer for The Roots, a brilliant DJ, a permanent presence on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and, in a quieter way, a food entrepreneur. He started some food dabbling with catering company ?uest Loves Food catering, opened an NYC fried...
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