Storied Winchester Mystery House Reopens In San Jose

San Jose’s storied Winchester Mystery House is open to the public once again, with its reopening selling out of tickets Saturday afternoon.

The many mysteries of the Winchester House were closed off since the coronavirus lockdown first began, but Santa Clara County said it is moving forward on the state’s reopening track. And as a result, visitors of the popular mystery house have been welcomed back in to explore the mansion’s twisting hallways and corridors.
But because of the ongoing pandemic, tours will look slightly different than they had before.

Rather than tour groups, visitors will be following their own curiosity on self-guided tours, aided with new pre- recorded audio guides.

The opening was met with quite a bit of excitement as visitors poured in.

“Winchester Mystery House is a real testament to Sarah Winchester in her 38 years of constructing this incredible home,” said General Manager Walter Magnuson. “And the fact that it’s still here 98 years after we’ve been open for tours.”
It may be a century-old mansion supposedly built to throw off angry ghosts, but in its own way, Magnuson said the reopening is bringing some sense of normalcy to visitors.

“I think nostalgia in history can be very soothing, especially in times of great strife,” Magnuson said.