Newsom Offers Cautious Optimism Over New Coronavirus Data

Some good news from Governor Gavin Newom's daily coronavirus briefing today, he says that fewer people died over the last 24 hour period and coronavirus ICU numbers are down. This is not the first time the daily death toll has dropped, but it is the first time the number of COVID-19 patients in intensive care has gone down. 

Over the previous 24 hours, California lost 50 more people to coronavirus, down from 68. The number of people in ICUs dropped almost 2%. While it's not enough to declare victory, the Governor said it was a positive sign.

"It is encouraging and again reinforces the incredible work that all of you are doing to practice physical distancing,” said Newsom, “the stay at home is working in the State of California.”

The Governor said we all owe a debt to the health care workers on the front lines, many of whom don’t even go home because they have a short turnaround before their next hospital shift, or they don’t want to risk infecting their families.

“I’m really pleased to announce an effort in the State of California to directly support those caregivers, those health care workers, those frontline heroes by providing them vouchers and stipends.” said Newsom, “and in many cases for low wage workers, 100% reimbursable cost for hotels all up and down the State of California.”

150 hotels and 4 airlines are all pitching in to help out through a new website for health care providers,