Local Teen Gives Back With Free Socially Distanced Tutoring

Every day we are hearing new ways individuals are reaching out to their communities from the confines of their own homes.

16-year-old Talia Schreiber, a junior at Carlmont High School in Belmont, came up with a way that she could help. 

“I started thinking about what I personally could contribute, and it occurred to me that one of my strengths is tutoring,” says Schreiber. So she posted on social media that she was offering free tutoring sessions over the video conferencing service Zoom, and the response was immediate. By the next day she was tutoring her first pupil, a 6th grader at a nearby charter school. 

The response has been so overwhelming that her friends have started offering tutoring services as well. One of their students is the child of one of their own high school teachers.

“I’m able to do two positive things at the same time: educate students and give the parents a break, even if it’s for an hour or two,” says Schreiber. “And it makes me feel really really good that I can also give back to my teachers.”

The benefits are not one-sided either. Schreiber says the tutoring sessions are lifting her up during this chaotic time as well.

“I really love working with kids because not only does it teach me things too, but seeing their face light up when they understand a concept they weren’t able to understand before is just one of the best feelings.”