Home Brewing Popularity Surges During Coronavirus Lockdown

Another do-it-yourself project is gaining popularity in the Bay Area and around the country as millions are confined to their homes.

I’m assured it’s easy.

"If you can boil water and follow directions, you can make beer," Jade Saldavor said.

Saldavor would know. She’s the co-owner of HopTech Homebrewing Supplies in Dublin.

"It has always been a big thing, people making beer at home," Saldavor said. "There are the ones out there right now that are starting to get into it because they are locked down."

Nicole Smith is one of those people.

First, she made an amber ale. Then, she created a mango IPA.

"I’ve been wanting to do home brewing for years now," Smith told KCBS Radio. "There was always an excuse to not do it that weekend or not try it this month because of the money or gathering equipment or pure laziness."

Home brewing popularity has grown during the shelter-in-place.
Megan Goldsby/KCBS Radio

But now, there’s time. Lots of it.

You can still get supplies, though not all home brewing shops are open right now.

HopTech is open. They sell an equipment kit for $113, including fermenting buckets.

The most important element seems to be time. You’d better buy some beer to drink while you’re waiting for fermentation, because Saldavor said that if you’re putting your new brew in bottles instead of a keg, it takes about a month and a half depending what you’re making.

"The first week was really hard to wait, because I was counting the days," Smith laughed. "Now, I can’t remember."

That’s something I think we can all relate to.