Families Forget Pandemic Trauma In Sweet Strains Of Music

Onlookers enjoy music on a neighbor's front lawn during the coronavirus pandemic.
Jim Taylor/KCBS Radio

Missing live music during the coronavirus pandemic? You're not alone.

In one Oakland neighborhood, the hills are alive with the sound of music.

It happens most Friday evenings. Residents of the Cleveland Heights neighborhood, just off Park Blvd., get their kicks from live performances by groups like The Medicine Ball Band.

On this night, they held court on Jeff's front lawn. There were about 70 of us wearing face masks and socially distanced, of course.

"The neighbors totally dig it," one man said. "It’s just people who have come walking by and stopped. It has a very kind of organic feel to it."

Live music gives this Oakland Hills neighborhood something to look forward to on Friday night.
Jim Taylor/KCBS Radio

Nothing soothes in times of trauma like the sweet strains of live music.

That, plus cookies for the kids, adult beverages for the adults.

"We just try to put (the pandemic) away and put that aside for a while, and enjoy meeting the neighbors and enjoy hearing this beautiful live music."

He said police drive by occasionally and give a thumbs up.