Bay Area Restaurateurs Prepare For Post-Pandemic Reality

When Bay Area restaurants finally reopen to diners, they’ll be under strict new guidelines currently being drawn up by state health officials.

Some restaurateurs even wonder if they’ll make it in a post-pandemic world.

"You may be having dinner with a waiter wearing gloves," Gov. Gavin Newsom said in a press conference Tuesday. "Maybe a mask."

Gov. Newsom also floated the idea of using disposable menus and restaurants with half of the tables removed to ensure six feet of separation.

"If you say (to me), you have to cut your capacity 60%, I’d say it doesn’t make sense for me to open," Golden Gate Restaurant Association Executive Director Laurie Thomas said. "What you don’t want to do is operate something where you continue to bleed cash."

Thomas, who also owns two restaurants in San Francisco, told KCBS Radio that like so many businesses, restaurants may need a bailout. "We’re going to need some sort of way to help us stay open if we want the restaurants to reopen."

There’s no word if a bailout for restaurants is being considered at any level.

Gov. Newsom is expected to share more on the new dine-in guidelines later this month.