Bay Area McDonald's Workers On Strike For Protective Gear

McDonald’s workers across California are demanding that the fast food chain provide them with personal protective equipment during the coronavirus pandemic, some workers have been on strike for the entire week.

“I fear for my health,” said Irving Vargas Neguero, a San Jose McDonald’s drive thru worker.who comes in close contact with customers on a daily basis, “I don’t feel comfortable showing up to work.”

He and hundreds of other McDonald’s workers at more than 50 restaurants in California have been on strike since Monday after a Los Angeles worker tested positive for COVID-19. He’s had to buy his own masks and gloves to protect himself from being exposed to the virus.

“They want us to provide our own equipment and I think that’s very selfish and irresponsible,” said Vargas Negeuro. 

He said that replacing those items comes at a price he can no longer afford.

“I’ve looked for masks online, but most masks aren’t going to come in until the end of the month,” he said.

Employees are demanding personal protective equipment, along with hazard pay and sick days. McDonald’s says they’ve made gloves available to workers and that they can receive emergency paid leave.