Bay Area Grocery Stores Face Hiccups Expanding Hours

Several hundred grocery stores in Northern California and Nevada are now opening earlier and staying open later for first responders and medical personnel, though the rollout of the new hours wasn't without some hiccups. 

The announcement from Save Mart headquarters in Modesto came on Wednesday, but clearly stated that the effort would begin Thursday involving some 200 Save Marts, Lucky Stores, and FoodMaxx. The plan is to open an hour earlier and to stay open one hour later for those frontline workers. 

“Police, fire, first responders, and medical personnel are putting their lives on the line during the pandemic and this is a thank you.” read a company statement about the new hours.

But for a Lucky Store in San Carlos, the new store hours had not yet materialized on Thursday morning. The store opened to a busy morning of customers at its normal 6:00a opening time, instead of the announced new 5 a.m. opening time, and no store employees were able to explain why. The new hours were set to roll out at grocery store locations in Northern California and Nevada beginning this morning.

Store clerks said they were surprised by the announcement of new hours, first hearing about the change on the local news the night before. Clerks also confirmed that the store’s essential items like disinfectant wipes and hand sanitizers were still very difficult to come by.