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Foodie Call

“Foodie Call”— ever heard of it? Well, in this episode, Big Daddy Victor Zaragoza and Saleena Justine go into depth, or should we say, go ham with this topic...

Dating Friends Left Overs

This week, Victor "Big Daddy" Zaragoza and Saleena Justine tackle the conversation about dating your friends.... well... leftovers. Yuck? Yum? What’s the “...

Social Media vs Real Friends

This week, Victor "Big Daddy" Zaragoza and Saleena Justine discuss how our real-life friendships may or may not be influenced by our social media activities in...

Money and Marriage

The two M's... Marriage and Money. Should they be a packaged deal? In this episode, Victor and Saleena cover a pretty hefty topic: financial infidelity. Should...

Zodiac Signs & "Realationships"

In this episode of Big Daddy's World, Victor and Saleena talk about zodiac signs and relationships: 'Does your astrological sign really determine your...

Hustle Culture

Saleena Justine returns with Victor "Big Daddy" Zaragoza and this week, they talk about "Hustle Culture."