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Katt Williams punched a kid!!!

Katt Williams punched a kid in the face and theeeen they got down on the floor and wrestle it out… and katt Williams gets his ass beat…the little kid puts Katt in a head-lock! Check out the video on the link below: http://www.tmz.com/2016/03/24/katt-williams-attack-video-punch-kid/
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Tupac's Mama is getting a divorce...

Her soon to be ex-Husband of 12 years wants half of the pie...The whole pie! So of course theyre going to court because he wants to keep a lot of the property they have together aaaaaand some of the money Afeni Shakur gets from the Tupac estate. According to her Husband, Afeni racks in $20k/month...
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Mariah Carey on JLO "I still don't know HER"

Looks like Mariah Carey still doesn't know who JLO is... Watch this video below where Mariah Carey say's "I still don't know her" LoL... Can't all women just get a long... It is NATIONAL WOMENS DAY! Video of Mariah Carey -- I Still Don't Know J Lo
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