WWE's Becky Lynch Talks Upcoming Raw & Smackdown at Chase Center

March 21, 2019

WWE wrestler Becky Lynch stopped by to visit Victor "Big Daddy" Zaragoza at the Q102 studios on Thursday to talk about her upcoming appearance at Wrestlemania coming up in April.

Lynch also announced WWE Raw and Smackdown will also be coming to the Chase Center this Fall. She can't wait to bring it on when she tells Big Daddy the excitement to deliver WWE wrestling to this side of the Bay. "So cause we’ve never had such a large arena to perform in San Francisco," Lynch said. "To be able to be right there and right on the water, I might add is just spectacular and very exciting for all of us,"

Not skirting around issues, Big Daddy also asked about the "friction" between her and Charlotte Flair. "Enough of how it all started, how it’s going to end is me walking in there with the Women’s Championship,"

Dates and times for the upcoming WWE events will be released later.

Check out more of the interview above and info on the Chase Center can be found on their website, www.chasecenter.com.