Samoas Girl Scout Cookies & Jason Momoa as 'Aquaman' (Photo credit: Helen Comer/DNJ/Sipa USA/Warner Bros.)

(Photo credit: Helen Comer/DNJ/Sipa USA/Warner Bros.)

Colorado Girl Scout Sells Out of 'Momoas' Cookies

February 20, 2019

We all heard of the ingenious Bay Area girl who continuously sold out of her Girl Scout Cookies by posting herself in front of a cannabis distribution center, several years ago. Well, one Girl Scout also went to great lengths to sell out of her cookies with the help of 'Aquaman'.

According to CNN, Charlotte from Colorado began selling the caramel, chocolate and coconut-covered cookies "Samoas" in tribute to the actor Jason Momoa. As a joke, Charlotte found an image of a shirtless Momoa and pasted it on to 35 boxes of 'Samoas' and rebranded them as 'Momoas', all of which quickly sold out.

"She only made approximately 35 of these boxes to deliver to acquaintances, and never had any intention of mass marketing these particular boxes to consumers," a representative of Girl Scouts of the USA said. "Once those boxes were sold, she continued with her Girl Scout Cookie season as usual."

As of Wednesday, Charlotte stopped making any more boxes using the Warner Bros/DC Comics character.

Girl Scouts of Colorado took to Facebook and praised Charlotte for her "creativity."