Big Daddy's World with Victor Zaragoza - "Wrestlemania"

April 2, 2019
Dean Ambrose and Drew McIntyre fight it out on the top rope. WWE Live Road to Wrestlemania came to Garrett Coliseum in Montgomery on Sunday, Feb.   24, 2019. Ww54

(Photo credit: Shannon Heupel/USA Today Network)



This being "Wrestlemania" week, Victor "Big Daddy" Zaragoza talked about his favorite sport, wrestling! "Big Daddy's World" begins with Victor giving congratulations and shout outs to the WWE Hall of Fame Inductees for 2019 (Hall of Fame ceremonies are Saturday night) and then his predictions for every match at Wrestlemania. 

"Big Daddy" then talks about how Becky Lynch came by the studios and includes the unedited interview.

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