Columns of San Francisco Mint Building rise high in the sky

'Terror Vault', A Haunted Attraction Opens In San Francisco

October 9, 2018

SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS RADIO) - It's a tour of the Old Mint in San Francisco that promises to be like none you've ever taken before.

 KCBS Radio reporter Melissa Culross takes us into the Terror Vault.

'Terror Vault' has arrived in time for Halloween and at best can be described as "A 4D horror movie where you're part of the action," says San Francisco entertainer "Peaches Christ". "And we're going to not only scare you but you're going to become part of the show!"

Peaches Christ who co-created Terror Vault, a combination of theater, a haunted maze and escape rooms happening at the Old Mint in San Francisco. Production designer David Flower says The Mint plays a pivotal role in this production.

"It's very site specific. It's history about The Mint. And it's super creepy," Flower said. "It involves a number of different sets that you're going to be inside of,"

Now, the idea of being part of the production is too scary, you can choose simply to watch as you move through the rooms. 

'Terror Vault' opens on Wednesday and runs through Saturday, November 3rd.