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From Sofia Vergara To Chrissy Teigen, Here Are Unique Celebrity Thanksgiving Traditions

November 21, 2018

(RADIO.COM) — When it comes to Thanksgiving, celebrities are just like us. They have their favorite food and family traditions, and some of them are even a  little weird.

If you snag at spot at Sofia Vergara’s Thanksgiving table, you have to sport one of these crazy turkey hats. The actress, hubby Joe Manganiello and her family always wear the gobbler gear.

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Before it’s time to chow down, Drew Barrymore makes sure to hit the gym. The actress says it’s all about showing your body a little TLC during the holidays.

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Chrissy Teigen loves good food, but she actually hates the most traditional Thanksgiving dish- turkey. She says the best the bird can be is “not dry” and has gone as far as to call it trash. The model and cookbook author would prefer anything else for the holiday- ribs, chicken, lamb, ham- just not turkey!

Jesse Eisenberg says his family buys and saves turkeys before the holiday. "We have a Vegan Thanksgiving. My family calls it 'Thanksliving'... Then we put the pictures on the table. You saved Mable. You saved Todd. And then my sister proceeds to read for about an hour about what it’s like to be in cage before slaughter," Eisenberg said on a 2015 episode of "Conan."

Pamela Anderson also spends the holiday with turkeys. She heads to an animal rescue to hang with the birds. The animal activist says she tickles them under the wings and puts them on her lap. She also feeds them the perfect seasonal dessert-pumpkin pie.

However you spend Thanksgiving, we hope it’s with good food, good company and is a whole lot of fun!