Neptune Pool Hearts Castle, San Simeon, California (Photo credit: Sami Huurresalo)

(Photo credit: Sami Huurresalo)

Renovations and Repairs at Hearst Castle's Neptune Pool Near Completion

August 20, 2018

After a $5.4 million renovation project to repair, waterproof and replace tiles at Hearst Castle's famous Neptune Pool, the project is nearing completion. As of Thursday, August 16th, Hearst Castle announced they have finally filled their signature pool with water.

Park officials said the pool was drained in 2014 when they found cracks that caused leaks of up to 5,000 gallons a day. The renovation project, which began in 2016 also included replacing the 80 year-old white marble and green serpentine tiles.

A must-go to destination for visitors of California, William Randolph Hearst completed construction of the pool in 1936. The pool and the grounds of the castle overlooks a stunning view of the Pacific Ocean as well as the breath-taking vistas of San Luis Obispo County.

S.L.O. Coast District superintendent of California State Parks, Dan Falat said "There's a lot of excitement in the air to see the pool," adding that some of the staff have never seen to pool with water since working there. 

Visitors to Hearst Castle will be able to gain access to the pool in a few more weeks after park officials inspect and repair any further leaks and check that the improvements to the pool are in working order.

San Simeon is a four and half hour drive south from San Francisco.