Watch The New Trailer For 'Ocean's 8'

April 12, 2018
Cast of 'Ocean's 8'

Cast of 'Oceans 8' (Photo credit: Bros.)


Thursday's release of the second full-length trailer of Ocean's 8, Warner Bros also revealed eight :12 second character vignettes giving us a quick introduction to the new characters.

Sandra Bullock as 'Debbie Ocean'

Cate Blanchett as 'Lou'

Anne Hathaway as 'Daphne Kluger'

Sarah Paulson as 'Tammy'

Mindy Kaling as 'Amita'

Helena Bonham Carter as 'Rose'

Rihanna as 'Nine Ball'

Awkwafina as 'Constance'

Ocean's 8 arrives in theaters on June 8.