Watch Drone Footage of "Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge" at Disney Resorts

March 9, 2018
A GALAXY OF STORIES AT D23 EXPO- Showcasing the creative process of bringing new Disney park experiences to life, Walt Disney Parks and Resorts invites guests to discover its pavilion, 'A Galaxy of Stories,' at D23 Expo. Guests will get an exclusive look

Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge (Photo credit: Joshua Sudock/Disney Parks)


On Thursday, Disney Parks posted drone footage of the most recent construction of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, the new "land" coming to the Disney Resorts in Anaheim and Orlando, Florida.

The highly anticipated opening is set for 2019, but many fans are clamoring on the web and at the resorts for even a small glimpse of the attractions taking shape. Disney knowing what their fans want, gave more than a glimpse at the progress.

One eager commenter on the Disney Parks' YouTube channel said "This can't come soon enough!" Another commenter said "Looks incredible! I may not be the biggest Star Wars fan but I love seeing new development/creativity by the Disney team! Can't wait to check it out in a few years! :)"

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The new Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge land will debut at the Disneyland Anaheim Resort first in 2019, followed later by the Orlando Walt Disney World location.