Northern California AAA Offers Free Tipsy Tow Service Christmas Eve

December 18, 2019
(Photo credit: Chris Trotman/Getty Images)

(Photo credit: Chris Trotman/Getty Images)

To make sure people arrive home safe and sound for Thanksgiving, Northern California AAA is offering its Tipsy Tow service for those who may have a little too much to drink.

Not just for existing AAA members, anyone can call AAA at 1-(800) AAA-HELP and say they need a Tipsy Tow. They will get a free ride home and their vehicle will be towed up to 10 miles. A standard rate will be charged for any towing beyond the 10 miles. AAA will only take them to their home or hotel. Not another place to drink or to a repair facility.

In a statement, Northern California AAA spokesman Michael Blasky says "We urge Californians to celebrate responsibly this holiday season and encourage them to take advantage of this free AAA resource, if necessary,"

Tipsy Tow runs from 6:00 pm Tuesday, December 24 Christmas Eve until 6:00 am on Wednesday, December 25, Christmas Day.