Baby Baboon

(Steven Gotz/Oakland Zoo)

Oakland Zoo Welcomes New Baby Baboon

December 4, 2018

Oakland Zoo is celebrating the birth of Mousa, a newborn male Hamadryas baboon.

Mousa was born to mother Mocha on the night of November 3rd.  

Mousa represents the third generation in the Hamadryas baboon troop at Oakland Zoo.

“Initially, Mousa’s aunts and uncles were especially interested in Mousa and formed an entourage going everywhere that they went, never more than a foot or two away and often much closer.  At almost three weeks old, Mousa is doing great,“ said Andrea Dougall, Zoological Manager at Oakland Zoo, in a statement.

Mocha (Mother) and baby Mousa at Oakland Zoo
(Steven Gotz /Oakland Zoo)