California Highway Patrol and Goat (Photo credit: California Highway Patrol - Oakland)

(Photo credit: California Highway Patrol - Oakland)

Oakland CHP Apprehends 'Out of Control' Goat

December 18, 2018

The California Highway Patrol managed to safely take hold of an elusive goat who happened to led them on a chase from Interstate 880 through the streets of Oakland on Monday.

The black goat was first seen around noon going up an on-ramp and darting towards the center median near the 23rd Avenue entrance. Officials say at one point, "the goat crossed all southbound lanes of 880 and wound up on the west side of the freeway under the 16th Avenue over-crossing".

It then ran onto Oakland city streets and did a little shopping inside a Jingletown store. Sometime after 2:00 pm, CHP Officer Herman Baza was able to apprehend the goat by grabbing it by the horns after it ran underneath a big-rig truck at E. 7th Street and Derby Avenue.

Baza says "I've caught dogs in the freeway before - but this is a first for sure,"

The goat sustained no injuries and was promplty taken to animal control, according to Baza.

It remains unknown as to who owns the goat and how it wound up roaming freely.