ATLANTA, GA - FEBRUARY 07: Actress Bitsie Tulloch attends the 'Grimm' event during aTVfest 2016 presented by SCAD on February 7, 2016 in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by Catrina Maxwell/Getty Images for SCAD)

(Photo credit: Catrina Maxwell/Getty Images for SCAD)

Meet The New 'Lois Lane,' Actress Elizabeth Tulloch

September 14, 2018

On Friday, The CW has tapped actress Elizabeth 'Bitsie' Tulloch to play the iconic role of Lois Lane in their "Arrowverse".

'Lois Lane' will be introduced during The CW's multi-show crossover event in December. She will be paired up with the current "Arrowverse" TV 'Superman', Tyler Hoechlin.

Tyler Hoechlin as 'Superman' and Melissa Benoist as 'Supergirl' (Photo credit: The CW)
Tyler Hoechlin as 'Superman' and Melissa Benoist as 'Supergirl' (Photo credit: The CW)

Tulloch is best known for her role as Juliette Silverton on NBC's fantasy horror series Grimm. She also appeared in other television shows like The West Wing, Cold Case, House and Portlandia. Tulloch can be seen on the big screen from roles like Nadine in Lakeview Terrace with Samuel L. Jackson and as Keana Strzelczyk in Concussion with Will Smith.

She takes on the challenge to play the feisty, determined and courageous investigative reporter Lois Lane after Erica Durance, who last to portrayed her in 2011, on television in the series Smallville.

On the big screen, Amy Adams last played Lois, opposite Henry Cavill's 'Superman' in Justice League.

Also announced, Cassandra Jean Amell, wife of Arrow star Stephen Amell is set to play 'Nora Fries', wife of DC villain 'Mr. Freeze'. Also recently announced, actress Ruby Rose will appear on the crossover event as Batwoman.

The DC "Arrowverse" 3-night crossover event will air on The CW, seen locally on KBCW 44 Cable 12 starting on The Flash, Sunday, December 9.