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Lauryn Hill Responds To Allegations of Mistreatment

August 28, 2018

In mid-August, Grammy award-winning artist Lauryn Hill was the topic of discussion on a Houston radio station morning show.

The guest on the show was jazz and R&B musician Robert Glasper, who claims back in 2008, Hill treated bandmembers horribly, imposing ridculous rules and threatened cutting wages in half.

A multi-Grammy winner himself, Glasper also claimed he and other musicians in the band were told to not look her in the eye, to address her as Ms. Hill and claims she "stole music" from his fellow musician friends who worked on her 1998 album The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill.

A couple weeks after Glasper's interview, Hill fired back on a blog post titled "Addressing Robert Glasper and other common misconceptions about me (in no particular order)." She tweeted a link with the full statement.

Hill begins with "I’ve remained patient and quiet for a very long time, allowing people to talk, speculate, and project, while keeping my nose to the grindstone fighting for freedoms many folks aren’t even aware matter. The arrogance of presumption that allows someone to think that they could have all the facts about another person’s life and experience, is truly and remarkably… presumptuous,"

Some of the few things she addressed were artist compensation, creating and developing Miseducation, and putting together a group of fellow artist to help create her art.

When it came to cutting pay, she said "Don’t have the details or recollection of cutting the band’s pay in half. If fees had been negotiated and confirmed without my knowledge, I may have asked for them to be adjusted." 

"But I would never just cut a musician’s pay arbitrarily unless I had a legitimate reason." Hill adds.

"Making my art is a labor of Love, but it’s still labor, and can be labor-intensive at that," she said. "If a musician was looking for a cushy job filled with the same trappings I was purposely weaning myself from, we wouldn’t have been on the same page anyway."

The 43 year-old addressed many of the issues Glasper revealed, but she says "It’s not completely informed, but he’s entitled to his perception. Context certainly helps though."

She is currently on tour celebrating the 20th anniversary of Miseducation, with a stop at the Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mountain View on Thursday, September 20.

Hill's full statement is available on her blog on medium.com.

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