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Knitted Nose Warmers Latest Thing On Etsy

October 22, 2018

With Winter on it's way, Etsy brings something new to keep your face warm during the frigid months. The latest trend in headgear comes... the Knitted Nose Warmer.

For just $9.95 and in various colors and styles, the "Winter Tweed Nose Warmer" will  keep your nostrils the warmest they've even been.

Etsy describes the Nose Warmers as:
"Winter Tweed Nose Warmer by Aunt Marty. Tweed just speaks winter and warmth. So why not keep your cold nose warm with Aunt Marty's Original Winter Tweed Nose Warmer. Fun gag gift. Perfect for men, women or teens. Great for playing outside or for sporting events or just for fun. Warm and cozy for sleeping. It really works!! A unique, practical way to keep your nose warm. Sure to be a hit. Fun and useful, great for the entire family. Loops on each side of the Nose Warmer hook behind the ears easy and comfortable to wear."

Would you add this item to your Winter wardrobe?

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