Kimmi's 7 Tips For Shopping On Black Friday

November 20, 2018
NEW YORK, Nov. 24, 2017 (Xinhua) -- People shop at a Macy's store during Black Friday in New York, the United States, Nov. 24, 2017. Although online shopping becomes increasingly convenient for Black Friday, some people still enjoy shopping in stores due

(Photo credit: Xinhua/Wang Ying/Sipa USA)

Long lines, the traffic in and out of parking lots, competing in tug-o-war for that gorgeous red scarf... Black Friday shopping is stressful enough, especially overnight. It takes focus and a strong will to make it through the unofficial post-holiday.

Worry not! Our own resident shopping expert, Kimmi Couture has some helpful tips, in no particular order, to make the best of getting those must-have doorbuster deals!



Online shopping research (Photo credit: Vladimir Stanišić)
(Photo credit: Vladimir Stanišić)

#1. Do Your Research
Prepare yourself when hitting the stores. It's a madhouse when you don't know what you're looking for. More times out of many, that item you spontaneously thought about, is gone! But if you do the research, like going online or reading up on the circulars, you can walk into a store and directly find the items you on your list.


Shopping List (Photo credit: Cheryl Fleishman)
(Photo credit: Cheryl Fleishman)

#2. Make a Shopping List
Part of Black Friday preparation, making a shopping list makes all the difference when shopping. During all the craziness in the stores, a list keeps you focused on what you need. Stick close to those listed items as it is key to surviving Black Friday.


Set a Budget (Photo credit: Egor Novikov)
(Photo credit: Egor Novikov)

#3. Set a Budget
Black Friday is known for getting insanely discounted prices on so many products. Set a dollar cap of how much you want to spend/afford. Keep in mind, not everything gets marked off. Sometimes it's good to wait during the season when prices fall even further. So make sure you stay within your budget.


Friends shopping, gifts (Photo credit: Arne9001)
(Photo credit: Arne9001)

#4. Bring Friends
Make it an event with your friends. It makes shopping more fun! Either "divide and conquer" or stay close for moral support. Friends can also help bring that 65" flat screen television out to the car.


Comfortable Shoes (Photo credit: Dmytro Zinkevych)
(Photo credit: Dmytro Zinkevych)

#5. Wear Comfortable Shoes
Trust! Your feet are going to hurt, but you will definitely get your steps in. So wear shoes that will get you from point A to B, without stopping to get a foot massage.


Receipts (Photo credit: Kira Garmashova)
(Photo credit: Kira Garmashova)

#6. Save Your Receipts or Print Gift Receipts
Should the time come when either you or the person you gave a gift to wants to return or exchange a gift, having a proof of purchase will make everything run smoothly. You'll be in and out of the store in practically no time.


Vehicle Break-In (Photo credit: Levente Gyori)
(Photo credit: Levente Gyori)

#7. Do Not Leave Shopping Bags (or personal items) In Plain Site or Sitting Unattended
So many people complain about car break-ins and thieves making off with the things they just purchased. Especially during the biggest shopping days of the year. Don't give thieves a reason to steal from you. Snatch and grabs make the news all the time. Don't let yourself be a victim to it. Keep hold of your bags and if needed, put them inside the trunk of your car, well covered. Anything in your vehicle that is in plain sight is like asking thieves to take them.