Undressed Mannequins Used As Prop In Santa Rosa Neighborhood Dispute

By Jeffrey Schaub, KCBS Radio

March 20, 2019
Jason Windus' Front Yard Display (Photo credit: Jeffrey Schaub/KCBS Radio)

(Photo credit: Jeffrey Schaub/KCBS Radio)

SANTA ROSA (KCBS RADIO) – Jason Windus of Santa Rosa does not go down quietly — or take down a fence without a fight. All he wanted was a fence to create a little privacy and keep his dogs in the front yard, but thanks to a nosy neighbor and an obscure city statute, he ended up with a stubby barricade and a mischievously arranged tableau of mannequins posing nude around his outdoor furniture. 

It all stems from a petty dispute between neighbors. Windus built a six-foot-tall fence to corral his dogs, a pit bull mix and King Corso Mastiff, but it turned out that the height exceeded regulations. 

“I built a fence about six months ago, and I built it because I have these two big dogs,” he said to KCBS Radio. 

But an unknown neighbor filed a complaint with Santa Rosa city officials about the fence. Because Windus' property occupies the corner of a three-way stop, city rules prohibit fences taller than three feet to maintain visibility for drivers crossing the intersection. 

City official ordered Windus to bring the fence into compliance. 

This unusual display of undressed mannequins is the result of a dispute among neighbors in Santa Rosa. One man has put the dummies on full view after an anonymous complaint that the height of his fence exceeded regulations.

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Windus, who works in hauling, came across several life-like mannequins from a clothing store and decided to arrange them fully nude in his now exposed front yard to send a message.

"Keep your nose in your own business,” Windus said. “I wanted privacy. Now you get to see what’s behind my fence.”

Men and women sit in wicker patio chairs, while a standing woman provocatively poses with her hands over her head. Another female mannequin sits casually in the grass, wearing a cat mask, and a smaller, decapitated mannequin head serves as a centerpiece on a round table.

The scene has become a point of interest, and now hundreds of drivers are now going out of their way to take a look. “I think it’s sad,” one told KCBS Radio, “because if everyone else was allowed to have a higher fence, why is the neighbor picking on him?”

Written by Jordan Bowen