SPCA Pet Pop-Up Lets You Cuddle With Cats and Dogs

By Matt Bigler, KCBS Radio

January 18, 2019
2 greasy haired Rottweiler puppies being held in the arms of a loving owner awaiting their food. One looking grumpy, the other watching for the next bite.

(Photo credit: David Munns/Dreamstime)

SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS RADIO) — The San Francisco SPCA is opening a pet pop-up in the Financial District where people can relieve stress with some fur therapy. 

At the pop-up store in the Embarcadero Center, visitors can pet puppies, cuddle with kittens and even do cat yoga. There's provocative signage, such as the heart with the words "Cuddle Me" in neon lighting where passersby have been seen taking selfies.

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Claire Lacy, the adoptions manager for the San Francisco SPCA, said this is the third year they've opened the temporary space. Last year, they attracted 25,000 visitors, she said. 

"It's very popular," she told KCBS Radio. "People love to come in, get a bit of fur therapy."

Many of the animals are available for adoption. 

One woman said that she was thinking seriously about taking home a 6-month old black and white cat that had been.rescued from the Central Valley. She thought it might get along with a cat she owns that had been a stray in Stockton. "She still has street-cat manners," she said. 

The Pop-Up and Cat Cafe open weekdays through February 14th. It's free to visit but there's a $10 donation to actually cuddle with the animals. If you pay $100, you can get unlimited time with the animals until the shop closes next month.