San Mateo Chef Says He Won't Serve Customers With MAGA Hats

January 31, 2019
MAGA hat

(PA Images/Sipa US)


A San Mateo chef says he won't serve customers who wear "Make America Great Again" hats, likening them to the white hoods worn by Ku Klux Klan members. 

J. Kenji Lopez-Alt tweeted that the MAGA hats, worn by President Trump's supporters, "are like white hoods except stupider because you can see exactly who is wearing them."

In another tweet on Sunday to his 42,500 followers, he said, "It hasn’t happened yet, but if you come to my restaurant wearing a MAGA cap, you aren’t getting served, same as if you come in wearing a swastika, white hood, or any other symbol of intolerance and hate." 

That tweet was deleted on Thursday morning, but his account showed multiple interactions with other users who debated his political dress code for diners. 

In his Twitter profile, Lopez-Alt describes himself as a feminist and atheist. 

Lopez-Al, who's also written a cookbook, t told the San Francisco Chronicle that he's received threats since posting his message.

His restaurant Wursthall opened last year in downtown San Mateo and is modeled on German beer halls.