New Dandelion Chocolate Factory Opens To The Public In The Mission District

By Melissa Culross, KCBS Radio

April 19, 2019
3-pack of Dandelion Chocolate on top of cocoa beans (Photo credit: Molly DeCoudreaux/Dandelion Chocolate)

(Photo credit: Molly DeCoudreaux/Dandelion Chocolate)

SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS RADIO) — We hear a lot these days about how small businesses are struggling. But one based in San Francisco is enjoying the sweet taste of success. KCBS Radio reporter Melissa Culross got a sneak peek at Dandelion Chocolate's new factory as well as their chocolate salon on Friday. Their official opening day in the Mission.

Have you ever wondered how chocolate is made? It does involve some machinery.

"These are Milaegers. They are grinding down the beans and the sugar together. We grind for about three to five days and so this is how we make chocolate."

The Milaegers are just part of what you'll see here at Dandelion Chocolate's new 28,000 square foot factory. A far cry from how co-founder and CEO Todd Masonis describes the San Francisco company's beginning almost a decade ago.

"My friend Cameron and I took over another friend's garage back in 2010 and we were just seeing if as possible to make chocolate at home." Masonis said. They succeeded and Dandelion quickly grew big enough for the new space where the company also will hold chocolate classes.

"We're not just a chocolate factory and a chocolate cafe and a chocolate salon. We're also a chocolate education space, where we can teach people what's so different about the type of chocolate that we make," Masonis adds.

Dandelion's new factory at 16th and Alabama in San Francisco's Mission District is now open to the public.