Martha Stewart's $32 Turkey Burger Served Up at San Francisco Clothing Retailer

By Doug Sovern, KCBS Radio

April 26, 2019
Freds' Turkey Meatloaf Burger (Photo credit: Barneys New York)

(Photo credit: Barneys New York)

SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS RADIO) — How would you feel about paying $32.00 for a hamburger? How about a one designed by Martha Stewart? KCBS Radio reporter Doug Sovern sampled Stewart's pricey turkey burger, part of a rotating line of designer burgers offered at a high end clothing store in San Francisco.

This is something new at Freds, the upscale eatery inside Barneys New York in Union Square. Hamburgers designed by fashion and lifestyle icons. 

Last month Alexander Wang, this month Martha Stewart. She came up with the recipe, Executive Chef Barney Brown turned the dark turkey meat, seasonings and sweet pepper relish into a burger on a bun.

"It's mixed like a meat loaf. But then we pattied up like a burger and then we treat it like a burger." Brown said.

But then he puts kale on top. Are they trying to pretend that this is good for us? Martha, in Brown's words probably thinks so.

Sovern says he got a lot of bun on his first bite. As he continues to take it in, he does say it's delicious. After all, it is a turkey burger.

Clothing shoppers not convinced that fashion designers can craft hamburgers. Some said "it's kind of weird," and others say "...just stick with a good old fashioned burger." 

Did we forget to mention the price? It's $32 dollars. Brown shrugs and says no one's complained yet. "It's San Francisco. And it's Barney's."

The burger comes with a packet of kale seeds to grow in your garden, so you can recreate the burger at home.