Forecasters Predict Possibility of Snow On Bay Area Peaks

Could it snow in the Bay Area?

February 4, 2019

SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS RADIO) — Weather forecasts don't come with a guarantee, but there are strong indications the Bay Area could see some snow Monday night or Tuesday morning.

A graphic produced by the National Weather Service office in Monterey tells the story.

KCBS Radio Weather Story

Forecasters said snow could fall as low as Patchen Pass, the summit where Highway 17 crosses the Santa Cruz Mountains between Los Gatos and Santa Cruz late Monday or early Tuesday. 

Higher elevations such as Loma Prieta (3,786'), Mt. Hamilton (4,062'), Mt. Umunhum (3,486'), Mt. Diablo (3,849') and Mt. Tamalpais (2,571') could see accumulations of snow.

The weather service said snow showers would come to an end by Tuesday afternoon but the Bay Area will shiver through a few days of cold weather.  Daytime highs will be no warmer than the low 50's while inland valley locations can expect nighttime lows as low as the upper 20's; coastal locations will see overnight lows in the '30s.