USF Welcomes Chef "B" The Smoothie Robot

By Bob Butler, KCBS Radio

March 28, 2019
Mason jar filled with blueberry and blackberry fresh fruit smoothie sitting on counter with bowl of blueberries.

(Photo credit: Teri Virbickis/Dreamstime)

SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS RADIO) - Students at the University of San Francisco are excited about a new addition at the cafeteria. It's a robot that makes smoothies. KCBS Radio's Bob Butler, reports.

It's known as "Chef B" with a $6 menu that includes The Classic, The Modern Lassi and The Undercover Kale, which contains kale, mango, coconut water, flax and ginger.

Blendid CEO Vipin Jain said it's pretty efficient and you can order on the app.

"So, from start to finish, for a customer it takes two to three minutes. Because it's a multitasking robot," Jain said. "It could be making up to nine orders at the same time," Because of the app, Chef B can make your regular drink or it can suggest something new.

It opened on Monday and Dakota Scroggins was the first customer. "It was really cool. All the engineers were here and they were really excited to see it work out. Scroggins said. "So, it was really cool to see the arms make my smoothie."

It's the first commercial use of the robot. Jain is talking with other universities and cafeterias.