'Flintstone House' Owner Fights To Keep Prehistoric Vibe Alive

By Jennifer Hodges, KCBS Radio

March 22, 2019
Iconic "Flintstones" house in Hillsborough (Photo credit: Jennifer Hodges/KCBS Radio)

(Photo credit: Jennifer Hodges/KCBS Radio)

HILLSBOROUGH (KCBS RADIO) — The owner of the so-called 'Flintstone house" is vowing to fight back against city officials here who've ordered her to dismantle a menagerie of giant dinosaur sculptures and other decorations that dominate her property. 

Hillsborough officials have sued owner Florence Fang and asked a judge to declare her property a "public nuisance" that's "out of keeping with community standards."

The unique home and grounds are visible along Interstate 280. 

Fang brightly painted the house after buying it in 2017 and added a Fred Flinstone statue and "Yabba Dabba Do" sign. She has indicated that she's not going to give in so easily to the demands of the city officials. 

She's hired an attorney who plans to file a complaint against the city, according to the Mercury News

Many residents told KCBS Radio that they support Fang and enjoy seeing the cartoonish display. 

Hillsborough officials argue that Fang did not get the proper permits for the work she's performed.