David Casarez (Photo credit: @jaysc0/Radio.com)

David Casarez (Photo credit: @jaysc0/Radio.com)

Homeless Man's Luck Changes After Viral Photo Gets Noticed By Google, Bitcoin

August 3, 2018

26 year-old homeless and unemployed web developer David Casarez is doing everything he can to get his resume to stand out, including holding up this sign near a busy intersection in Mountain View.

David has been homeless for more than a month and has been living out of his car. The Texas A&M University graduate moved to California from Texas with the dreams of starting his own tech company. 

But last month his car was repossessed.

So for now he’s sleeping on park benches while looking for jobs -- but that could all change now that this tweet of David pictured wearing a shirt and tie and handing out resumes has been retweeted over 135,000 times and liked more than 215,000 followers as of Monday morning.

Hundreds of employers from Google, to Bitcoin and Pandora, have since reached out to David about jobs, and he has already lined up a few interviews.

"You can see my inbox. I still have a bunch of emails to go through," Casarez tells KPIX 5. "Please bear with me as I try to get back to you."

Casarez was asked if he had any regrets, to his response, "No. I told myself would I rather be on my death knowing that I took a risk? Or knowing that I did not take that risk."