Camp Fire Animal Rescuer Saves Kitten Trapped Under Truck

By Jonathan Lehman/Meredith Ganzman

November 19, 2018

(RADIO.COM) — Wildfires have cut a swath of destruction through California: people dead and missing, homes burned -- and helpless animals stranded, scarred and scared. 

Thousands of pets are missing. That tragic total decreased by one when a committed animal rescuer went to great lengths to save an injured cat.

Shannon Jay was patrolling the area around Paradise, California -- incinerated in the aftermath of the Camp Fire -- when he heard the desperate cries from a tiny kitten.

Jay found the cat, who had survived the wildfire but was badly burned, trapped under a truck. He jacked up the car and bravely crawled under to pull it out. 

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“That was heavy,” an emotional Jay said as he composed himself following the rescue. 

Jay reports the cat was bandaged up and is recuperating at a local veterinary clinic. The lucky kitty, like many other animals in need, will go up for adoption if the owners cannot be located.