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Graphic Video of Man With a Dead Raccoon Inside San Francisco McDonald's Goes Viral

January 9, 2019

Another viral video is making the rounds. This time a man was seen inside the McDonald's restaurant, located at 16th Street and Potrero Avenue in San Francisco with a bloody, dead raccoon placed on the table.

The incident was captured live on a video Sunday morning, January 6th via a public Facebook account of Chris Brooks. His video has since been shared on YouTube and has gone viral and as of Wednesday afternoon received close to 130,000 views and shared over 4,300 times.

The close to 7-minute video, which was taken outside the restaurant and presumably by Brooks, starts with a bearded man with grey hair, sitting inside the McDonald's staring at dead raccoon lying on the table. Brooks also begins his colorful commentary with no audio from the inside.

Brooks pans his camera to a worker who is talking to the man from a distance, gesturing for him to leave the premises as the man continues to shrug his shoulders in response.

The bearded man then gets up and walks towards the restaurant's restroom, where we then see the worker move through a door leading behind the counter. As he approaches the restroom door and the bearded man stopped by several concerned McDonald's customers, also gesturing for him to leave the premises. The man continues to look confused and shrugs.

At one point another unidentified man wearing a green camo jacket and blue beanie hat picks up the dead carcass by the leg and is lead outside by the bearded man. Brooks is heard saying "This m***** f*****'s crazy boy!"

The two walk out the doors as Brooks says "N*****, you going to jail! Why would you do that, bruh?" The man carrying the dead raccoon is then seen disposing the carcass into one of the restaurant's trash receptacles. "Woww!!!" says Brooks as he pans back inside where the raccoon's blood is clearly seen smearing the ground.

"Ya'll need to call the health department!" Brooks proclaims.

The trail of blood that dripped from the raccoon was also seen outside the restaurant leading to the garbage can where it was deposited.

A representative for McDonald's told KRON4 a store manager talked to the bearded man with the raccoon and asked him to leave. The staff immediately called the police and closed down the restaurant for the safety of their customers.

The company spokesperson said San Francisco Police arrived and had talked to the man. Afterward, the McDonald's staff reopened the restaurant after a thorough clean up and sanitization.

No word on the outcome with the bearded man and SFPD.

WARNING: This video contains graphic images, explicit language;
viewer discretion is strongly advised.