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Remembering Prince

April 22, 2016

Thank you to everyone for listening yesterday and always.  We appreciate you all for that.  This emotional experience will be something that unfortunately will go down in my radio memory bank as one of the toughest days on air I had ever had.  I don’t even know how to begin this blog.  I have been horrible with blogging and I finally was compelled to do one because of what happened yesterday.  The one and only PRINCE has passed on. I am rather embarrassed with how I came to know the information but if I am going to talk about it I need to be honest about everything.  I was just getting to work and walking out of the parking garage as I was texting a good friend of mine Lisa who was about to hit the air at the same time on another Bay Area radio station.  I told her how much I loved her voice and I had always admired her talent as a personality.  She replied with a very humble “thank you” and she continued with how she should be paying tribute to PRINCE today.  After I read her text I was thinking, “tribute”?  We only pay tribute to a person that has died.  There was no way that PRINCE was dead…NO WAY. 

I walked into the studio a few minutes late and first thing my intern/producer Cesar says to me is, “Have you heard about PRINCE?”  My heart sank.  He continued with, “He died this morning!”  I finally understood what Lisa texted me.  I was thinking about what music can I play?  What music do I have to work with?  I had to call Scotty Fox to get ready for a PRINCE mix.  Joey walked into the studio to make sure I knew the news.  Ajax came through mixing for us as well.  I have a very good friend that mentored me in the radio biz for many years, DJ Alex Mejia.   I knew I had to call him too.  I recalled he would put on Prince Parties at Alameda’s Churchward Pub.  He also was in radio in the bay and worked at The People’s Station back from 1988 to 1996.  He came through for us too big time.  I want to blog way more but what is important is that I get this mix on here for all to enjoy and continue with what went on in the studio later.  Thank you to my midday DJ Scotty Fox (The Greatest American Hero) and my junior high bus ride BFF DJ Ajax for everything yesterday.  You guys really made things for me much better in the studio given the parameters we had to work with. 

This is not just some mix you’re going to hear.  This is a total production that was mixed LIVE just before you guys heard it.  DJ Alex Mejia comes from the days of Cameron Paul and I was so excited that as emotional as he was when we spoke yesterday morning, he was able to create something for The Bay to have as a remembrance of one of the music greats of our time, heck…of all time.  Ladies and gentleman, let me re-introduce to you my very good friend DJ Alex Mejia throwing us all back with his emotional mix of some of PRINCE’S best music.  Thank you Alex.  

Click HERE to get the mix of some of Prince's best music.