Fremont Named America's 'Least Stressed' City For 2018

July 18, 2018

Wallet Hub has released their study on the most and least stressed American cities for 2018 and for the second straight year have determined that Fremont, California is the least stressed city among the 182 in the study.

The cities were ranked based on the averages of 37 key factors including divorce rates, work hours, debt load, suicide rates, poverty rates & more. Fremont ranked lowest in divorce rates, and second lowest in poverty rates.

Fremont residents also had the highest average credit scores in the study.

Other Bay Area cities in least-stressed ranks:

  • #8 San Jose
  • #23 Santa Rosa
  • #54 San Francisco
  • #70 Oakland

Detroit, Michigan was dubbed the most-stressed city in the country.

For more rankings and full methodology head to Wallet Hub.