HOLLYWOOD, CA - NOVEMBER 06: Paige Butcher (L) and Eddie Murphy attend the 2016 Hollywood Film Awards at The Beverly Hilton Hotel on November 6, 2016 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by ISA/imageSPACE)

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Eddie Murphy In Talks To Star In 'Grumpy Old Men' Remake

September 19, 2018

New Line Cinema has tapped comedy legend, Eddie Murphy to star in a remake of the hit movie Grumpy Old Men, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Ride Along and Fantastic Four director Tim Story is set to helm the 1993 remake that originally starred venerable "odd couple" Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau. The two men played feuding neighbors, John and Max who both have their romantic sights set for the new girl next door, Ariel played by Ann-Margret.

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Original Grumpy Old Men producer John Davis is also returning for the remake. Davis has a long list of producer credits including Waterworld with Kevin Costner, i-Robot with Will Smith and Paycheck starring Ben Affleck. He also produced many of the Predator films, from the original Arnold Schwarzenegger blockbuster to this week's #1 film from director Shane Black, The Predator.

Davis' current project, Dolemite Is My Name stars Murphy in the lead role of Rudy Ray Moore, the actor who played the pimp 'Dolemite' in iconic 1970's films. Murphy and Davis collaborated in the past with the box-office hit remakes of The Nutty Professor and Dr. Doolittle.

Samuel L. Jackson is also rumored to be a possible co-star in the new Grumpy Old Men. He just finished work on Story's upcoming Shaft movie, a sequel to 2000's hit remake.

No release date for Grumpy Old Men has been slated.