Standing in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle at Disneyland, where magical storybooks come alive, Mickey Mouse, Goofy and Minnie Mouse welcome visitors from all over the world. Combining classic favorites and exciting additions, Disneyland park is an essent

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Disneyland Bumps Up Park Admission By 25 Percent

January 7, 2019

The Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California is going through some major changes. It's definitely not the same park from a year ago. Especially when it comes to the price of admission.

As of the beginning of 2019, prices for park admission at both Disneyland and Disney California Adventure Park increased by 25 percent. The price increase took effect as of Sunday, January 6th on daily tickets, annual passes and for parking, according to the LA Times. A year ago, the price hike went up by 18 percent.

The single-day tickets for Disneyland or California Adventure Park are going up from $97 to $104 during low-demand times. During regular demand days, you could see prices go from $117 to $129 with single-day tickets going as high as $135 to $149 on high demand days.

Parking has gone up from $20 to $25.

The price increase are due in part to crowd control. But, for the most part, we can thank that "galaxy far, far away" which is opening up this summer. The much talked-about Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge, Disney's 14-acre expansion will give visitors a new land to explore. Also, Disney is revamping parts of Calfironia Adventure by adding the finishing touches to recently renovated Pixar Pier and by developing Marvel Land, where A Bug's Land last resided.

According to the Times, Disneyland reps declined to discuss how they are going to handle the hordes of visitors from all over the world. 

"We continue to provide our guests with a variety of ticket offerings to meet their needs, while helping us to spread visitation, better manage demand and deliver a great experience," says Liz Jaeger, a spokesperson for Disneyland Resorts tells the LA Times.

"Demand Pricing" was adopted at the resort in 2016 whenever demand was low, prices were dropped. On high peak days, like weekends or holidays, the cost would go up.

But that didn't stop anyone from not visiting the park. In 2017, the LA Times reported that attendance to the Disneyland Resort has jumped 20% since 2007, to nearly 18 million visitors in 2016. Author Aaron Goldberg wrote "The Disney Story," a book on the history of Walt Disney and his theme parks said "People are going to Disneyland in droves regardless of lines, prices or weather, and Disney knows this,"

"They have a captive audience." Goldberg adds.