Estrada's Restaurant

Daly City's Estrada's Restaurant Closes Its Doors After 102 Years

February 3, 2019

Another centennial restaurant closed its doors as of Super Bowl Sunday. After 102 years of serving the community of Mexican and Caribbean cuisine, Estrada's Restaurant in Daly City ended their business.

"We owned (Estrada's) for 12 years, working long hours. We gave it our all," Bernadette Aggen, owner of Estrada's said "We're not walking away with any money. We are walking away with memories."

Many took social media to celebrate the longevity of the restaurant. Aggen, with her husband Julio says people shared stories of how grandparents met there and some mentioned how they had their wedding at Estrada’s.

The couple made the announcement on Estrada’s Facebook page in mid-January. "It has been our pleasure to serve the community and continue the Estrada's Legacy to 102 years. We thank you all for your support throughout the years!"

In 2013, Restaurant Impossible, the Food Network reality show that helps struggling restaurants featured Estrada's. The show’s host, Robert Irvine, revised the menu and renovated the restaurant. After the show aired, sales went up 30 percent but sadly, the owners decided to retire.
"I'm very proud that we were able to keep it going." Aggen said. "This is an institution in this town. People come here from all over the Bay Area,"