Terror Vault Returns To The SF Mint In October With Immersive 21+ Haunted Attractions

September 25, 2019
Columns of San Francisco Mint Building rise high in the sky

If you're into haunted houses, escaping a zombie apocalypse or perhaps simply sipping cocktails in a gold-rush era setting, Into The Dark SF is bringing back their immersive, scary attraction to the San Francisco Mint Building starting October 10th through November 10.

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Meet Harlo Harlwood- haunter extraordinaire! Here we are on the set of the all-new Terror Vault (opening Oct. 10th!). This is the kitchen of the old Whitaker house, where a cannibal cult of Christian mutants live. You'll have to walk through their junkyard and enter their two-story house to get to the kitchen and if you're wearing a red necklace, the may even invite you to try some dinner. Advance tickets recommended. Get your Terror Vault tickets reserved at intothedarksf.com. @harlwood #terrorvault #terrorvault2019 #hauntlife #sanfrancisco #peacheschrist #hauntedattraction #bayareahaunt

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Here's a breakdown of the attractions, all of which are for those 21+.

Terror Vault:

A 45-minute immersive experience where you tour the Mint Building and come face-to-face with despicable horrors that plague the secret prison. If you put on a red necklace you're signing up for an experience where you might be touched, removed from your group, written on, forced to eat something, or perhaps something worse. 


Set in 1985, a zombie apocalypse is plaguing the Bay Area and you've been tasked with unlocking the vaccine, which has been locked inside the Mint building. Make your way alongside your team through zombie-infested mazes, solve puzzles and find your way to the vaccine. Don't get infected and save humanity.

Morbid Midway:

Enjoy drinks in a gold-rush era speakeasy, play games in the flashback arcade, visit the "Creep Shop," get a tarot card reading and get a bite to eat.

Tickets and group packages can be found at intothedarksf.com.