Berkeley's Iconic Fat Slice Pizza Closes Its Doors

November 15, 2019
Closeup of fresh large crust pizza in store cafe on display restaurant in Italy with melted mozzarella cheese and plain tomato sauce slices - stock photo

Since 1986, Fat Slice Pizza had served up huge slices of pizza on Berkeley's Telegraph Avenue, but that will no longer be the case as they have closed their doors.

Known for their sourdough crust and puffier pizzas, the go-to for U.C. Berkeley students has seen slower business for the past few years and for the last eight months, had not turned a profit. The pizzeria's manager said that student's taste has changed and that "kids are all at home playing Fortnite," instead of hanging out on the streets of the city.

Fat Slice's owners have no intention to stay in the food business.

Meanwhile, milk-tea/boba businesses seem to be booming in Berkeley.