Watch Chuy's Chu on This: Behind the Scenes of Chuy Gomez

By: Saleena Justine

December 12, 2018

Welcome to Chuy’s Chu on This! Today we go behind the scenes of the life of Chuy. So many people love him and for good reason, but let’s get to know him a little more. I asked a bit about his background and this is what I got: “I’m a short Mexican.”

Haha although that was one response, that wasn’t his only response. So, let’s get started! Chuy is the oldest of 3: he has a brother and a sister. His brother, Hugo, is a DJ and his sister, Patty, works for a non-profit that funds meritable foundations for the community. Their parents are from a small town in Mexico- Mezcala. He describes Mezcala as being a very close and intimate town where everyone knows each other. Much like the town his parents grew up in, the same tradition has followed: a tight-knit family. They all grew up in the city, in the Potrero Hill area off of 16th and Utah. He lived here until the 5th grade- then he and his family moved to South City and that was where he went to middle school and high school. Even to this day, they all remain just as close! His sister lives across the street from him and his Mom lives just a few doors over-- as he says “never leave the nest baby, never leave the nest.”

He later discusses his early realization of his career in radio: it all started when he was 7 years old. His Mom introduced him to Salvador Homero Campos- a Spanish-language Program Director and this was when he got to get a close look in the studio. Even as a young boy Chuy was “mesmerized” and the “[thought] was always in the back of [his] mind.” Once the seed was planted and high school came around, he and his friends started a DJ crew, Music Patrol. They would DJ at house parties, garage parties, and other mini fun events. Once college came around, Chuy went to CSM to study broadcasting. Although he was never interested in TV, it (down the road) ended up “just falling on [his] lap.” This was where everything else began to unfold… Want to learn more about the path to Chuy’s life? Watch the video to learn more!