Read Chuy's Chu on This: Fatherhood

By: Saleena Justine

December 12, 2018

Welcome to Chuy's Chu on This! 

This week we discuss fatherhood. Chuy is quite the family man and his story speaks for itself. He has three kids: a son and two daughters. When asked about what fatherhood has been like so far, he responded with: "Fatherhood has been pretty rewarding and surprisingly settling." He has always wanted kids but wanted to be able to plan when it happened— but life doesn't always work out that way. As Chuy puts it, "That's life— it surprises you"; but it was truly his best surprise— every time. His oldest child is his son, Darius Jesse Alexander. Darius was (and still is) Chuy's "road dog". Because he had him at a younger age, he was working hard and grinding; and so he brought his son everywhere with him. It was truly a special bond for the two; it still is! They're very close to this day. In fact, Darius loves being a big brother and the responsibility that comes with that role. 

As for the two daughters, it has been an entirely new experience for the father of three. Because he is more established and in a great place with his career, he's able to really focus and spend that extra time with his girls. And even though his oldest daughter is in that phase where "she has the attitude of a 13-year-old"— while the other one can't get enough of him— he says they're both very much daddy's girls.

I asked how him how he came up with the name of all three kids, and the name Darius came about when he was filling in for a gospel show and there was an artist named Darius Brooks— and that name always stuck with him. He liked it, and so did the mother of his son— it was a win-win! As far as Darius's full name— he’s actually named after Chuy. He chose Jesse to be his middle name because it's short for Jesus— which is Chuy's real name. For the girls, Chuy and his wife, Nicole, also had a pretty flexible time choosing baby names. It wasn't an arduous process where they had a never-ending list of names. Chuy had always liked the names: Christina and Angelina. And for their middle names, they decided to name them after their mother: Christina Nicole Gomez and Angelina Nicole Gomez… has a good ring to it! And for those that are into the astrology thing (I know you're out there!) Chuy: Aquarius, Nicole: Libra, Darius: Sagittarius, Christina: Leo, Angelina: Cancer.

Lastly, I asked Chuy, What do you hope for your kids' future? Here's what his wish is: "That they lead a happy life and that someone is going to love them and not trying to get over on them—that's always someone's greatest fear…. If they love you for who you are and what your beliefs are— that's the best. That's the best I can ask for. I want them to be the best little young ladies that they can be…"