Alexis and the Pizza Pocket (Photo credit: ScrapTown USA)

Pizza Pocket (Photo credit: ScrapTown USA)

New Hoodie Lets You Eat Your Pizza and Wear It Too

February 28, 2019

With inventions like Fitbit and the Apple Watch, wearable devices have increasingly become the norm in society these days. Though, not a completely new concept, merging food with your clothing is something that is apparently a need.

One innovator felt there was a need to incorporate having to store his pizza while keeping him and his slice warm. Mike H., a college graduate with an engineering degree developed the Pizza Pocket, the first hoodie that holds a slice of pizza and keeps it warm for hours.

ScrapTown USA's Pizza Pocket (Photo credit: ScrapTown USA)
(Photo credit: ScrapTown USA)

"If you’ve ever wanted to take a slice of pizza with you when you’re on the go, there is no better solution than the Pizza Pocket Hoodie," Mike says. "If you have never had this thought, then you’re in the wrong place."

Mike, creator of ScrapTown USA on Instagram features satire, parody and showcases his social media persona, came up with the idea and developed the Pizza Hoodie from his parent's basement. Now, the Pizza Hoodie is in the crowdfunding stage.

On Tuesday, Mike began his fundraising campaign via Kickstarter and within hours, generated so much interest, Pizza Hoodie became one of the company's "Projects We Love." In just over 48 hours, the patent-pending sweatshirt reached over half of it's $5,000 goal with 39 backers and 29 days to go.

Mike Pomranz, a writer for Food and Wine Magazine said: "Where was this invention when I needed it?"

One video on Scraptown USA's Instagram demonstrates the usefulness of the hoodie and features The Notorious BIG's "Hypnotize":

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Details are available on ScrapTown USA Kickstarter page, here.