Sarai Ruiz and her father Esteban Ruiz

(Photo credit: Sarai Ruiz Facebook)

Heartfelt Moment Shared Between Father and Graduate Daughter at The U.S.-Mexico Border Goes Viral

May 28, 2019

A heartfelt moment captured on social media between a proud father and his graduate daughter has gone viral.

Sarai Ruiz, a graduate from Early College High School in Laredo, Texas wanted to see her father Esteban Ruiz, who was on the otherside of the U.S.-Mexico border, knowing he would not be able to see her receive her diploma, reports KRON 4. She donned her cap and gown and met him halfway of the Laredo International Bridge where the two shared a moment.

The touching moment between father and daughter was captured on Facebook:

"I knew my father would never see me walk to get my diploma but today I'd thought I'd surprise him by crossing the bridge so he could see me with my cap and gown," Sarai said.

The video has reached viral status as it has been seen by over 2 million viewers.

Sarai is set to attend the University of Texas at Austin, this year.