Burger King Selling Whoppers For One-Cent When Near a McDonald's

December 9, 2018
Burger - Robert309 | Dreamstime.com

(Photo credit: Robert309)

Burger King is encouraging burger lovers to use their app when they happen to be near a McDonald's and get a Whopper at a nearby participating location for only one-cent.

The plan is for customers who happen to be within 600 feet of a McDonald's location, to open their Burger King app and be detoured to the closest Burger King where you can redeem a Whopper for just a penny. The fast food giant made the announced the promotion on Tuesday.

The promotion has been extremely popular that Burger King's app recently topped the U.S. iOS App Store Rankings. Burger King's Global Chief Marketing Officer Fernando Machado tells CNN Business that the app moved from 9th to first in the iTunes App Store's food and drink category.

Burger King's promotion may just be one of the most "pretty innovative" ways to vie for your business, it is not the first. Wendy's often offer deals through their mobile app and recently McDonald's also had a $1 fries promotion.

The Whopper Detour is running now through Wednesday, December 12th.